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Introducing Wholesale Autopilot

We have distilled a few years of wholesale learnings into a course just for you.

You will get access to exclusive advice that we don't put ANYWHERE else. For the price of two average wholesale orders, you can access the tools you need to get to the wholesale growth you deserve. Make this investment in your business and we will continue to invest our time in teaching & sharing.

0 to 1,000 orders

Transform and grow your wholesale business into a sustainable, income-generating machine with our Wholesale Autopilot course. We show you everything from set-up to customer retention.

Course curriculum

Here's a sneak peak of the first 5 modules, with a further 5 in the works right now! Plus when you sign up you get access for LIFE and to all future modules we build.

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Downloadable Wholesale Email Newsletters
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Get your hands on some of our best-ever wholesale newsletters! These emails have been so pivotal for our business that we have moved from a monthly cadence to weekly!

We just have so much to say to our retailers from product launches to charity updates, to the numerous ways we support them in their sock sales.

Now you can get access to 20 of these newsletters from across 2023 and 2024 to learn from. Make things easy on yourself and copy some of our best practice techniques to speak to your retail customers!

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (4MB)
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (5MB)
  • PDF (6MB)
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (10MB)
  • PDF (6MB)
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (4MB)
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (8MB)
  • PDF (8MB)
  • PDF (5MB)
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (4MB)
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  • PDF (9MB)
  • PDF (7MB)


Founder of Bare Kind

Having started the business in 2018, she grew it from 0 to 6 figures in the last 5 years across both B2C and B2B channels.

Lucy started sharing videos on YouTube about her journey with wholesale, and after realising people were finding them useful, she started building this course to help more businesses reach the same wholesale success as Bare Kind.


CEO of Bare Kind

He has 10+ years in various corporate roles, including growth marketing.

He has helped build Bare Kind to a 6 figure business and so is now building out this course to help others do the same.

Building a wholesale business completely changed our lives

If we haven’t met before - Hi, we are Lucy and Andy 👋

We started selling Bamboo Socks in 2018, while working at HSBC. Lucy quit in 2020 when Covid hit and Andy quit in 2022, after our wholesale business took off that year.

We started off with 0 leads, 0 businesses and £0 in revenue. We knew absolutely nothing about Wholesale SEO, B2B Emailing, Product Photography, B2B Marketing Items, Point of Sale Stands or how to speak with businesses. But after watching hundreds of tutorials, and throwing ourselves in the deep end, we figured out how to grow this channel.

This was a challenge at first. We had a growing B2C business, which was taking up the majority of the week, whilst trying to maintain our social lives and simultaneously kick-start B2B operations!

But we could see the potential in wholesale for the future of our business.

We started our Faire Wholesale Channel in October of 2021 and like everyone else, didn't see much growth until we started putting more work into it.

6 months later, we had our first 100 orders from leads that we acquired.

12 months later, we tipped over 400 orders and now, 18 months on, we are at over 1,000 orders with a 50:50 split between customers we acquired and customers Faire have acquired for us.

I think it's Faire (fair) to say wholesale has completely changed our business.

If you follow these easy, quick steps, we are sure you'll be in the same place too.

So, how do you do it?

How do you unlock new wholesale customers, get them coming back and build a B2B business swiftly and effectively? Well...

Why does wholesale take up so much time?

Setting up

What digital tools do you need?

Investigating the options can take a while. There are over 50 different options you can choose when setting up your stores and products.

Have you chosen the best one for you?


Understanding your own business's numbers can be a huge feat, and an energy-intensive one at that, but you need to know the market's as well.

How do you confirm the right prices to charge? What margins are your competitors giving their customers? Should you give more or less? What MOQ do you need to be profitable?

Finding customers

There are so many different types of stockists you could go after. But investigating into them to find the right ones for your particular business will take time. You need to sift through their messaging, their products, and see if what you're offering is the right fit for their customers.

How can you confirm the product-market fit? How can you ensure alignment between your offerings and theirs? How do you know if they're already being pitched to - and what do you do if they are?

Getting their 'No' to 'Yes'

Imagine going up to a random person peacefully strolling on the street and shoving a bag of shoes at them, saying 'these are great, buy them, your walking life will change forever!'

Yeah, you need to warm your leads up, build a rapport with them and develop a genuine connection. But even that needs time, you can't just dump everything on them in one go. They need to go through a particular journey.

So, what's your funnel?


The experts say that email isn't a marketing tool - it's a connecting tool, and they're absolutely right.

But how do you wield it to build connections? How do you make sure you're not immediately (or eventually) marked as spam, that you don't breach privacy laws, that you actually get people to click on and INTO your emails?

It takes time to build up your acquisition flows so that they truly resonate with your target customers.


You know how important retention is, but getting more new customers is just sexier. After all, getting the existing ones to come back is such a pain, there’s all sorts of actions with customisation, and it takes time to build and revise your retention strategy. It's easier to just look for new leads.

But without a distinct retention strategy, you waste precious resources (and money). You’re back to square one when existing customers stop buying, and suddenly find yourself short on cash (and time) - because urgency is now your biggest problem.

Our super simple Wholesale Blueprint

Since talking to 50+ businesses, working on wholesale for 2+ years, watching hundreds of hours of wholesale videos, we've learned what it takes to start selling wholesale, get them coming back and how to do so in an authentic way.

There is no 'secret' to wholesale. It is only a simple Blueprint.

  1. Find leads
  2. Email them
  3. Service them
  4. Repeat for at least 6 months

That's all it takes.

We guarantee that if you follow this 4-part formula, your business will change. But you probably already knew that, so what's making it so hard for you to grow?

Execution. Why?

Why do so few businesses succeed on wholesale? TIME.

The Wholesale Autopilot

0→1,000 sales in 18 months

This course offers business owners a manual to maximise their income through wholesale channels. We cover every one of your time-consuming activities, from setting up on wholesale marketplaces to email acquisition flows and make them easy-to-tackle.

Throughout our wholesale journey in the last year, business owners from up and down the country asked us how we scaled on wholesale.

So, we launched Wholesale Autopilot to help as many e-commerce businesses profitably scale their wholesale operations without permanently sacrificing their personal lives. And the way you do that is by building a business environment in which you can create a process that's scalable.

You need to get your fundamentals right.

And that boils down to one of the most time-consuming activities in business - market research. On your customers, your competitors and especially your channels and tools. Taking this Course means you DON'T lose HEAPS of time doing all of that from scratch - and on your own.

This is the system - the process - that got us 1000 orders on wholesale and hundreds of thousands in revenue.

  1. System set up
  2. Market research
  3. Acquisition training
  4. B2B email marketing
  5. Techniques for retention
  6. Scaling sustainably
  7. Client service

Module 1

Wholesale Autopilot System Setup

Here we set up the foundations to scale your wholesale operations.

You will learn:

  1. The RIGHT way to set up a store, so you don’t waste time later on. This way you also know how to fix all the issues you may have set in the past. From Shopify integrations, product photos & videos
  2. The Wholesale System Specification Checklist: the exact tick list of what you need to follow around MOQ’s, who to sell to, etc
  3. The Foolproof Financial Guide for Pricing, so you know what prices to set, margins, etc - including an excellent excel pricing template
  4. How to optimise your wholesale presence: we give you the exact layout for your wholesale website and marketplace profiles to actually drive traffic

Module 2

The 3 C’s - Customers, Competitors & Channels

This module is all about Customers (who are they, where to find them), Competitors (who are they and what to learn from them) and Channels (where you should be selling).

You will learn:

  • How to identify your Perfect Potential Persona, including exactly what they would be looking for
  • The Scientific Method behind which platform(s) you should be listing on to maximise sales
  • How to build up your business knowledge through (KYC) Knowing Your Competitors tools

Module 3

Lead generation & Customer Acquisition - Find new customers, make more sales.

In this module we will break down:

  1. WHERE to find new leads &
  2. HOW to connect with and convert those leads into customers!

You will learn how to:

  • Find (profitable) leads through our “Riches are in the Niches” framework 
  • Structure and segment your customer “database”, for targeted and personalised emails
  • Design and use your ‘Ready for Sales’ Checklist to get the business organised before you contact your leads

Module 4

THE most scaleable sales tool: Email deep dive

In this section we will show you exactly how we used our email marketing tools to spend 30 minutes building an email flow which acquires 100 customers.

You will learn:

  • When to use which email marketing platform
  • The rules: what you CAN and CAN'T do
  • How to use Our EXACT email acquisition flows in your own Tone of Voice
  • The best practises for B2B wholesale marketing emails to convince cold leads that you are a legitimate contact

Module 5

Get returning customers for LIFE

In this module we will give you our tried-and-tested techniques to create loyal customers, who will stick with you for life.

You will learn:

  • From our own experiences with building customer loyalty and increasing lifetime value
  • From our own (real) revenue-generating newsletters
  • new way of working that improves customer service and frees you up to grow your business further

Module 6

Build your own Autopilot system

Here we’ll focus on systematising your process with business strategies, tips and tricks to maintain and grow a sustainable wholesale business.

You will learn:

  • How to develop B2B Content calendars to remove thinking from regular emails
  • The simple Setting and Forgetting rules for the most time consuming tasks

Module 7

Client Service

Here we will address all of the Nuts and Bolts, when dealing with your B2B customers.

You will learn:

  • How to respond to un-favourable reviews
  • How to work with customers to fix issues fast and keep everyone happy
  • Conflict resolution - save money, time & avoid reputation damage


Bonus 1 - The Wholesale Mindset

Get yourself in the head space to make more sales and drive your business to success

  • Build a growth mindset for success.
  • Eat the frog - get the boring tasks done.
  • Think outside of the box - be creative with your tactics.
  • Action precedes motivation - you need to take action. You will then feel motivated to keep going. You will not get sales without putting work in.

Bonus 2 - The Wholesale Catalogue

Build a beautiful catalogue that customers can’t say no to!

  • Use our catalogue template to quickly produce a beautiful catalogue for your brand.
  • Use the brand guidelines you created in module 4 to deliver a consistent and recognisable brand.
  • Build a catalogue ready for print and online distribution.
  • Use our pre-set out sections so you don’t miss a thing!

Bonus 3 - The Fulfilment Challenge

Do all your fulfilment yourself?

We breakdown everything about moving into a fulfilment warehouse - costs, logistics, effect on business and how this affected our wholesale sales.

  • Learn from our experience working with a fulfilment warehouse.
  • Costs of fulfilment - can you afford it? We breakdown our spend.
  • The effect fulfilment has on wholesale - how we cope with outsourcing our wholesale fulfilment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Money Back Promise

We want your investment in this course to be ZERO risk for you, if you are going to do the work.

Doing the work means:

  1. Set up your store using our checklist.
  2. Find at least 1,000 leads (we provide you all of the places to look for them).
  3. Send them at least 10 different emails with 1 full acquisition flow (We provide you our email acquisition templates) and 2 monthly newsletters (we provide the newsletter template).

If you've done those things, and for whatever reason, aren't happy with the customers you’ve acquired, send us an email within your first 5 months, and we’ll refund your entire payment.

Best case, you get all of the customers you expect. Worst case, you can tell us we suck, we write you a cheque and you get 3 months of training for free.

Right... so Wholesale Autopilot works... but will it work for ME?

Well, it depends on you. You've heard this before, but it's true: this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it won't immediately skyrocket your wholesale sales. BUT, it will set you on a steady path for wholesale success, WITHOUT all the losses that we suffered while growing wholesale. Success on wholesale isn't exponential - but it is proportionate.

"Proportionate to what?" I hear you ask.

To your efforts and consistency. We saw it ourselves as we scaled wholesale in the early days. It requires a lot of dedication.


Setting things up and doing the research is the bulk of the work and takes up the most time. Once they're set, you're set, and your business is set.

We teach you all the industry secrets we learned since starting wholesale. We offer the blueprints to save YOU time on learning everything from scratch. We help make your wholesale operations efficient and effective with tried-and-tested techniques in changing business and economic environments. This system will work for you if you follow it with the right level of commitment.

Our free YouTube videos show you what we did on wholesale and shares our successes. But here, in Wholesale Autopilot, we teach you how to get the same success - if not more.

Still: we can’t actually do the work for you - we won't fill in those sheets and build things out for you (though you will receive our templates). You have to put in the effort yourself.

That's not to say we'll just give you the tools, teach you a bit and not guide you through the ups and downs. No, we're here to support you through your wholesale journey and offer the guidance you need.

A premium service we offer as part of Wholesale Autopilot is a consulting session from our entire Team - or the expert on the area you're most interested in.

Besides that, all students of Wholesale Autopilot gain access to an exclusive group within which you can share your successes and troubles and we'll do our best to tend to them.

Every good business owner needs a mentor for success. They make the biggest differences. So we're here to support you on your wholesale journey.

This isn't the course for you if...

The Wholesale Autopilot is NOT a good fit for you if -  

  1. You're not willing to put in the time and effort in to really understand your potential customer base. You aren't thrilled by the idea of working out how to communicate with them in a way that resonates to them. Unfortunately, you can't sell to anyone if you don't understand them, and even if you get them to give a hesitant yes, it's most likely counterfeit. Why? Because you don't know them well enough to create trust between you.
  2. You're looking for a guaranteed path to £100k, £300k or 7-figures. Nono, there are no guarantees in business, it's always a changing world and unforeseen circumstances are inevitable. Instead, it's about consistently using what you have to stack the deck in your favour to work and scale effectively. Instead we're going to teach you how we pivoted when things didn't go as planned. Business is always a creative space. With some experience under your belt (experience we'll help you build), you'll learn how to creatively manoeuvre around unexpected circumstances.
  3. You're not a player for long-term games. Building connections with clients to create the trust required to convert them into customers takes time. It's not something that will come right of the bat. You need to play the long game in wholesale and B2B.

Lucy and I's only goal with this course is to make it easier for business owners to build and maintain a wholesale business. We wish to save them time and enrich their relationships with their customers, both potential and existing. If this sounds good to you, we're more than happy to have you on board.

If this isn't what you're looking for and/or it doesn't sound pleasing to you, then I'm sorry we wasted your time in reading this far. We wish you the best in every future endeavour you take.

In any case, if you've got a question or need an eye (or couple more brains) on something, feel free to drop us a line :)

So, who IS this course for?

Regardless of how long you've been trying to break into wholesale, Wholesale Autopilot is perfect for those who are keen on and serious about levelling up their wholesale operations. It's for those that understand it's a whole new business. 

Truth be told, running wholesale is a completely different business than D2C. Managing it is not the same, and you will need to prioritise where to allocate your inputs. If you haven't got the human resources for it, you may struggle.

But if you (like us, and our team) want to take wholesale seriously, and wish to scale - and optimise - it throughout the year, so that it's a profitable money-making machine, then you're in the right place. 

If you like the idea of blueprints that act as a guide for you to explore and experiment with, this course is for you. If you like having mentors to discuss business decisions with, we've got you covered. If you like being involved in a network of growing small business owners who want to scale their wholesale ops, this is the course to join. 

Most of all, if you’re committed to understanding your customers and market, finding your bottlenecks and addressing them, and planning your acquisition funnels (with our guidance, of course), this course is for you. 

We're here to join you on your wholesale journey and help you grow your business. We promise that you'll get a whole lot of value out of this course and it'll save you months and months than if you were learning on your own.

Here's another little risk-free note: we have a 5 MONTH money back guarantee. That's a lot longer than the industry-standard 90 days on B2B courses. That's how confident we are that we can help you. If you followed our course and for whatever reason aren't happy with the customers you'd have acquired, send us an email and we'll refund your entire payment. You don't lose anything.

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